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ABB to highlight emissions technology and know-how at AQE 2013

ABB Air & Gas Analysers

ABB will be exhibiting its latest range of air and gas analysers at the Air Quality and Emissions (AQE) Show at the Telford International Centre (13-14th March 2013). Stands 47 and 48 will feature a comprehensive selection of ABB equipment utilising a variety of measurement techniques, including laser, zirconia and FT-IR spectrometry.

Products on the stands will include the LS25 laser gas analyser. Enabling in-situ monitoring in stacks, pipes, process chambers and other similar applications, the LS25 uses tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to measure concentrations of various gases including oxygen and ammonia in gas streams. Offering a very fast response time, the LS25 is especially suited to applications with fast changing conditions such as municipal waste incineration where the composition of gases may be subject to rapid changes.

Other equipment on display will be ABB’s new Endura AZ10 zirconia oxygen and StackFlowMaster instruments.

The AZ10 is a compact combustion gas analyser for use in safe areas, coupling ABB’s proven zirconia oxygen sensing and transmitter technology. Aimed at safe area combustion processes, the AZ10 uses ABB’s common AZ transmitter platform, making it a low cost solution ideal for OEMs.

The StackFlowMaster is an in-situ device for measuring flows in stacks up to eight metres in diameter. The StackFlowMaster Manual version is for use in applications with relatively clean gases such as gas fired combustion processes. The StackFlowMaster Automatic features a purging and auto/span zero capability, making it suitable for applications with dust-laden gas streams.

Обе версии StackFlowMaster работают с постоянными анализаторами мониторинга выбросов для расчета потока выбросов в массовых или скорректированных единицах измерения объема.

As well as being MCERTified and fully compliant with EN 15267-3, the StackFlowMaster is also fully QAL3 compliant, making it ideal for use by plants operating under an Environment Agency permit.
Используя функции нуля и пролета StackFlowMaster, операторы и испытательные лаборатории могут проводить регулярные тесты для определения производительности анализатора во время нормальной работы.

Joining these products will be examples from ABB’s EasyLine EL3000 range of photometers for gas analysis. Based on ABB’s MCERTS approved proven and reliable extractive continuous gas analysis technology, the EL range is available in both infrared (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) photometers, with a choice of sensing and analyser options including electrochemical, paramagnetic, thermal conductivity and trace oxygen.

Основные характеристики линейки EL3000 включают автоматическую калибровку и широкие функции самодиагностики, включая сообщения об ошибках на нескольких языках, а также простой интерфейс управления с помощью меню.

Диапазон EL3000 подходит для широкого спектра применений, включая процессы сжигания, мониторинг свалочного газа, мониторинг окружающего воздуха и измерение выбросов в соответствии с Директивой о крупных горючих установках 2001 / 80 / EC.

Also on show will be ABB’s ACF-NT analysers. Future developments will include the ability to measure additional combustion off gases, as well as fully automated calibration, reducing the time and cost associated with calibration and maximising the uptime of the analyser.
The ACF will be one of the products incorporated within the main demonstration area of AQE 2013, which will feature a 6 metre high, 1.5 metre diameter chimney showing how products from ABB and other suppliers are typically deployed in actual applications. ABB’s section of the demonstration will see the ACF analyser being connected to a dummy probe inserted into the chimney to show visitors how the system works.

As well as showcasing its products at the exhibition, ABB will also be hosting two workshops covering key issues affecting the deployment of gas analysers in industrial applications.

The first workshop, hosted by ABB’s UK Analytical Sales Specialist, Steve Donnelly, is entitled ‘Improve your OMA score, and save money’ (Wednesday 13th March, Room 4, 11.00-11.30). The workshop will explain how using ABB’s next generation FTIR CEMS can help operators to maximise their OMA score and reduce capital and lifetime costs by having the best available technology and service and support in place.

The second workshop, also hosted by Steve Donnelly, will be titled ‘ABB StackFlowMaster: integrating flow measurement into ABB CEMSXCHARX. Taking place on Thursday 14th March, the workshop will explain how flow data from ABB’s StackFlowMaster can be integrated into Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems to provide a comprehensive picture of both the quantity and quality of gas streams.

“Ongoing developments in environmental legislation, particularly on the emissions front, mean that it is critical for operators of industrial plant in particular to keep abreast of the latest developments in both the regulations and the technology available to help address them,” says Steve Donnelly. “By being at the show, we hope to educate visitors about what’s available and show them how it can be integrated into their operations.”

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