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Detect oil vapour down to 0.003 parts per million


At MAINTEC BEKO TECHNOLOGIES demonstrated the METPOINT OCV which detects oil vapour down to 0.003 parts per million or in terms of the ISO standard better than class 1 to ISO 8573. The oil carry over from compressed air is very important to certain industries such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical for example. The consequences of oil contamination for these industries end products is unthinkable yet very few companies today are measuring the vapour carry over.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES use Photo Ionisation Detection to measure the oil in compressed air. Many users of oil free compressors are unaware of the amount of oil vapour that can be sucked in by a compressor in an industrial location and readings that have shocked end users are very common but normally easily fixed by the installation of a carbon tower or equivalent oil removing system. The device is simple to install and has compatibility with all advanced BMS systems and gives a constant read out. The devices are working well in several blue chip companies making mineral water, pharmaceutical products and laboratory testing. The METPOINT OCV is available for sale as a permanent installation or for rental whereby BEKO TECHNOLOGIES will make readings for an agreed period with a mobile device which can also test for flow, dew point and pressure.

For more information come and see us at stand H5a or call us on 01527 575778

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