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Fortress Interlocks объединяет Альянс по безопасности машин для обеспечения знаний о безопасности машин

The Machine Safety Alliance

Safety Interlocking company Fortress Interlocks is a member of the Machine Safety Alliance with Festo, Pilz Automation Technology, Troax, UK Engineering, and Werma. The Machine Safety Alliance aims to share its collective knowledge and expertise to help machine builders and users make sense of safety and safeguard their productivity.

The withdrawal of safety standard EN 954-1 means that EN ISO 13849 will become the most widely used standard for the design, verification and validations of the safety related parts of control systems.  The Machine Safety Alliance brings together experts of the collective technologies under one roof to provide comprehensive safety knowledge that is more readily accessible.

Fortress Interlocks is a leader in access and control safety systems, designing and manufacturing safety interlocking systems, trapped key, key exchange, solenoid and non-solenoid guard switches and modular control devices that ensure safety by action in a pre-determined sequence.
Tony Baggott, Sales & Marketing Manager at Fortress Interlocks commented:

“The Machine Safety Alliance is a non-profit organisation. Our hope is to help companies understand and comply with safety regulations while balancing productivity. Fortress Interlocks, as a market leader in safety access and control systems, is well placed to provide expertise in this field in collaboration with our specialist partners in the alliance.”

The Machine Safety Alliance has organised a series of seminars at various venues across the UK which will focus on real-world applications of various technologies and the application of EN ISO 13849-1 and other safety-relevant standards. For more information about the Machinery Safety Alliance, please visit the website at www.machinery-safety-alliance.co.uk

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