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Этот новый 2015 TECHNOR Ex-Catalog

Каталог технологий

This new 2015 edition of the TECHNOR catalogue confirms our willingness to give a new impulse to our ATEX expertise.

In order to meet customer demands in the ATEX domain, a new entity and brand, TECHNOR, integrated the MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP in June 2013. TECHNOR Solutions have their own technical teams and commercial supports offering solutions for all types of ATEX projects, including lighting, wall boxes and visual signals. The website is regularly updated in order to meet the new challenges and normative advances in explosion risk areas.

We provide hardware configuration and can be contacted by phone or email. Contact details are on the “Contact” page of the www.ex.technor.com Веб-сайт.

We are highly attentive to your projects and offer assistance everywhere in France and abroad and our sales engineers are also at your disposal for the most delicate services.

We provide solutions to your daily constraints for equipment used in explosion risk areas. Thanks to our 60 years’ experience in these high-risk industrial fields, we have unique skills that are at your disposal for your sustainable needs.

Technological solutions for all your projects, whatever the size, location or field!

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