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Zoning Compressed Air Helps Achieve Zero Leakage

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Leaking compressed air systems cost UK industry an incredible £7million every day, but many leaks are never traced or are difficult to repair. The UK’s biggest compressed air products and process systems distributor, Thorite, has produced a new e-leaflet called Serious About Energy Saving which provides simple yet effective advice on how to reduce leaks to a minimum.

The leaflet explains how substantial savings can be made by splitting a compressed air system into zones, which can be individually pressurised on demand. Factory mains often include take off points to different departments or machinery. The installation of an isolation valve at the junction of these systems allows them to be shut down when not in use, without affecting production in other areas. Isolation valves can also be fitted to individual machines, limiting potential leakage and providing further savings.

The easiest way for companies to minimise compressed air leakage is by contacting Thorite’s Energy Saving Team and arranging for an Air Audit. This will enable Thorite’s professional engineers to identify leaks, recommend remedial action and suggest the positioning of zone isolation valves.

Three types of isolation valves are available: Full flow ball valves are used in ring main systems, as gate or diaphragm valves will restrict air flow. Solenoid operated valves are ideal for difficult-to-reach parts of the system and soft-start dump valves are used where unexpected reactivation of a machine could endanger operators.

Further information is available from Thorite’s Leak Testing Brochure and their Energy Efficient Compressed Air Systems Good Practice Guide, both of which can be downloaded at www.thorite.co.uk . Alternatively the Energy Saving Team can emailed at [Электронная почта защищена] or contacted on freephone 0800 034 2511.

Further Information: Ross Gowler

Thorite Marketing and Engineering Services Director

Тел: 01274 663471

Email:[Электронная почта защищена]

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