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Hydra-Cell’s Seal-less Design Ensures High Pressure Coolant Efficiency

high pressure coolant pumps

Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps from Wanner are claimed to be the most energy efficient, machine tool coolant pumps available, measured at upwards of 80%, pump shaft to hydraulic power.

Being true positive displacement pumps, they maintain this exceptional efficiency virtually irrespective of coolant viscosity and system pressure whereas screw and gear pumps, that rely on the pumped coolant for internal sealing, suffer a marked fall-off in efficiency as system pressure increases or fluid viscosity is reduced.

With a Hydra-Cell pump, flow rate is directly proportional to input shaft speed, enabling a variety of accurate control options to be employed.

Of great benefit in metalworking is Hydra-Cell’s ability to handle fines entrained in the coolant that can cause major wear problems in pumps with dynamic seals, have bearings immersed in the pumped coolant or have close internal tolerances to maintain efficiency.

With no close internal tolerances, no dynamic seals and no bearings immersed in the coolant, Hydra-Cell pumps are not prone to wear, minimising the need for maintenance and guaranteeing efficiency over a long life.

And as an added bonus, Hydra-Cell pumps are able to run dry indefinitely with no adverse effects… a condition that destroys other pumps with dynamic seals… filter blocking remains undesirable but thanks to Hydra-Cell it is not disastrous.

With high pumping efficiency, long service life and minimal maintenance requirement, Hydra-Cell seal-less, coolant pumps can truly be considered to be the high pressure coolant solution with lowest cost of ownership.


Wanner International

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