Bursting & Rupture Discs

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Ноябрь 09 2015 Elfab Limited

Unique Extruder Rupture Disc Line Launched

-Specifically designed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes

Elfab’s unique Flo-Tel™ technology

SIL Rating Enhances Rupture Disc Burst Detection

Может 27 2015 Elfab Limited
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New Ex d-approved burst detection system on show at ONS exhibition

Июль 03 2014 Индустрия технологической промышленности
optigard opm

Rupture disc for duplex holders will help customers in oil and gas industries

Mar 14 2014 Индустрия технологической промышленности

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Test Tel Tool
Ян 14 2015 Elfab Limited

Rupture Disc Tool Avoids Process Plant Shutdown During Maintenance Schedules

Test-Tel™ is a non-invasive tool to check the status of a rupture disc device in

rupture disc

Using rupture discs as secondary pressure relief in explosion protection

Oct 10 2014 Индустрия технологической промышленности
Elfab rupture discs and burst detection assemblies

Supporting engineers working within SIL Rated processes

Август 05 2014 Индустрия технологической промышленности
Elfab Opti-Gard ™

Разрывный диск, проверенный на более чем один миллион жизненных циклов

Апрель 10 2013 Индустрия технологической промышленности