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How To Control Airborne Dust And Prevent COPD

stop COPD

Why is it a risk?

Inspections are being targeted at industries processing dusty materials. There is a real health and safety driver behind this. PM10 particles and smaller find their way deep into lungs where they gradually cause long term damage.

The result is the development of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Whilst smoking is often a contributory cause, inhalation of workplace dust is another significant one.
How is it a risk to my business?

Contracting COPD does not happen overnight; it is a gradual process. Symptoms can take more than a decade to develop. It is similar in this respect to Asbestosis. This means that future claims will look at the employment history of a COPD sufferer and work their way back through employers.

Those employers whose work environment is found wanting can expect the full force of the law to hit them at sometime in the future. To see how this might work, a quick online search reveals how lawyers are trawling back through company records for asbestosis sufferers to find companies, their directors and group owners.

The risk you are taking is of a future “knock on the door” to discuss a claim. Some companies were wiped out by asbestos claims. By ignoring airborne dust you risk your company’s future should claims be made against you. You also have a duty of care to operate a safe working environment.

Как я могу это решить?

Put simply, take immediate steps to reduce and eliminate the risk. Localised dust collection can address the sources, but in many processes, dust becomes airborne due to vehicle movements, tippers, open process areas and similar.

An effective way to solve dust problems in these areas is to use a fogging system to suppress the dust. The Renby MicronFog™ system has been designed to achieve just this. Nozzles can be placed around a dust source e.g. a reception hopper, and provide a curtain of fog that contains the dust. Other approaches are to fit a roof mounted system to provide general suppression.

Renby designs it’s MicronFog™ systems to avoid wetting and systems are in use on dry powder bagging and onion packing lines. Both of these applications cannot risk any wetting of the product. We are happy to discuss your application and in many cases find that we have already done a similar installation.

Действовать сейчас

Don’t wait for an improvement notice. Contact Renby Ltd now on 01829 740913 or email [Электронная почта защищена] to start suppressing dust and protect your business.


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