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Pumping Solution Reduces Can Washing Footprint

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We all open various cans daily, but few of us give much thought to the processes involved in the production of the can itself. But the facts are that each can has already been on an interesting journey before it gets to you.

This journey often involves specialist company Greenbank Technology a UK based engineering company. Greenbank have recently designed, developed and built a new bespoke engineered solution of compact can washers. This new generation product is called Torrent One and can wash all can sizes and cope with between 1000 to 6000 aluminium/steel beverage cans per minute. But the innovation doesn’t end there, as this product also minimises water and chemical demands as well as having a significantly reduced footprint.

During the development process, engineers spoke to Grundfos Pumps about what pumps could be incorporated and it was realised that by designing in 18 members of the Grundfos CRN stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps, their vertical design would mean a considerable reduction in the overall footprint, as well as delivering a robust, reliable and energy saving solution.

These new machines although only recently introduced, are proving popular and there are already many in situ in the field operating effectively and efficiently. Yet another good example of Grundfos’ response to an engineering support question – ‘we can’.

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Grundfos Pumps Ltd

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