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Filling Solutions Ltd of Nottingham has designed and installed an automatic plastic bottling conveyor for the UK’s premier spray-tan supply company. The new conveyor has increased productivity by 70% and the pay-back was less than a month.

Tan Solutions Ltd of Chesterfield supplies the premium end of the self-tan spray market via specialist wholesalers, and their products are found in many of the UK’s most prestigious Department Stores. The company has been so successful during the recent economic recession that in May this year it bought new premises which are 50% bigger than the old leased site.

Two years ago they purchased an automatic SASH filler from Filling Solutions to pack off a range of plastic bottles – from 75 ml to 5 litres – out of a one tonne bulk container. During recent discussions with John Clay of Filling Solutions an automatic conveyor system was suggested to meet the increase in demand. After agreeing the technical specification and placing the order, the machine was built and fully tested at their manufacturing site prior to installation in the client’s factory.

Says Tan Solutions Managing Director, Mark Bradley, “The automatic filler that Filling Solutions installed two years ago is very accurate and reliable. I recently spoke with John Clay and he suggested an automatic conveyor would help us meet the growth in demand.

“I am very pleased to have invested in this new line. To start with, it has meant I can now pack all production in-house, eliminating previous contract packing costs. Productivity is up around 70% and the savings I made on the first large order for 50,000 x 100 ml bottles packed on this line more than covered the cost of the installation. I am absolutely delighted.”

Filling Solutions specialise in all types of pack filling systems and have many years experience of designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions for all industries. For more information, contact the company on 0115 963 4477 or visit their website at: www.fillingsolutions.co.uk

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