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New Litre Meter’s VFF LF05

A ground-breaking low flow positive displacement meter based on research undertaken at Cambridge University is now available from Litre Meter (www.litremeter.com). The new LF05 VFF meter is a highly customised version of Litre Meter’s rotary piston meter that can accurately measure flow ranges from as low as 0.008 litres/hour to 30 litres/hour (0.05 to 190 US gallons per day).

The low flow capability of the meter has been improved by lining the pressure balance chamber and titanium rotor with a physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating designed to lower the friction properties of the meter to provide extended flow ability. The additional hardness provided by the PVD coating also improves wear resistance.

Litre Meter’s VFF LF05 positive displacement flow meter is capable of measuring down to 0.03 litres/hour at viscosities of 2cSt. It has a flow range of zero to 30 litres/hour, a viscosity range of 0.8 to 2000cSt or greater, an accuracy of ±0.5 per cent of reading and repeatability of ±0.25 per cent.

The standard meter is available with a 316 stainless steel body. Customised versions of the meter are available in titanium and Duplex steel bodies.

The new LF05 meter is the fruit of several years of research at Cambridge University commissioned by Litre Meter in response to regular requests from across industry to measure lower and lower flow rates. There is a drive to increase the concentration of many chemical substances so companies can transport less cargo and reduce their costs.

Litre Meter CEO Charles Wemyss explained: “Higher chemical concentrations mean that less is needed to do a job. The knock-on effect is the need to measure much smaller amounts. We believe this trend will continue, which is why we embarked on a research programme that has led to the development of the LF05 PD meter, technology which ensures that we can continue to meet the flow measurement needs of our customers in the future.”

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