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Emerson’s Ovation® Expert Control Technology Selected for Automation of New Concentrating Solar Power Plants in Spain

Fifty percent of Spain”s concentrating solar plants, representing 350 MW of the country”s generating capacity, rely on Ovation® control system

Emerson Process Management announced today that over the last year the company has been selected to install its Ovation® control technology at six new solar plants in Spain. These plants, along with an Ovation installation at an operating solar power plant, will provide 350 MW of clean energy to Spain’s power grid, enough electricity to power roughly 70,000 homes.

Spain is a leader in the development of renewable energy, particularly solar, which supports the European Union’s target of deriving 20 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2020. For Spain, with its sunny climate and wide-open spaces, solar is a logical choice for renewable power. The current Spanish Royal Decree, which calls for 500 MW of concentrating solar power (CSP), has been largely responsible for a dramatic increase in CSP development activity in Spain since 2008.

These solar plants, all of which utilize parabolic trough design, are owned by four separate energy companies. One of the plants went into commercial operation in May 2009, another is currently in the startup/commissioning phase, and the remaining plants are slated to go into commercial operation in 2010.

Emerson’s selection by several different power generating companies is a nod to the company’s reputation and successful track record in automating solar plants, according to Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson.

“Emerson has established itself globally as a leading provider of automation and control solutions for renewable energy in general and solar in particular,” said Yeager, who points out that eight of 11 operating concentrating solar plants in the United States rely on Ovation technology. “We are gratified in the confidence the world’s leading power generating companies have in our advanced technologies. We are particularly pleased to play a role in so many projects that will help Spain move toward achievement of renewable energy goals.”

For Concentrating Solar Power plants, Emerson’s Ovation technology can monitor and control mirrors, heat exchange, thermal oil or molten salt storage, steam turbine operation and balance of plant processes. Ovation can also seamlessly interface to third-party equipment as needed. Emerson”s complete automation and control solution for power generators can also incorporate AMSTM Suite predictive maintenance software, which streamlines plant commissioning and startup and offers opportunities for ongoing operations and maintenance savings. The Emerson solution also includes Smart Wireless technology, as well as HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus and DeviceNet™ intelligent field devices, including Rosemount® pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement instrumentation; and Fisher® control valves, regulators and instrumentation.

“Emerson’s proven solutions for renewable energy are built upon decades of experience automating coal-fired, combined cycle and cogeneration power plants,” said Yeager. “It’s this power-centric focus that really sets Emerson apart from other automation and control suppliers.”

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