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Fulton aims to build on the success of its hot water boiler

Fulton FHE 250 Hot Water Boiler

See why Heinz, Isleport Foods, Jardox and Kerry Ingredients all use Fulton’s modular hot water boiler

Since its launch at Foodex 2012, Fulton’s modular hot water boiler – the FHE-250 – has proved extremely popular for applications in the food processing sector for companies including Heinz, Isleport Foods, Jardox and Kerry Ingredients.

Fulton’s highly efficient FHE-250 (250kW) low-temperature hot water boiler features a fully condensing, stainless steel heat exchanger and its modular approach to design also means that additional boilers can be combined to suit any application and hot water requirement. With the complexity of control being a criticism of many hot water boilers available on the market, the new FHE-250 uses a single control panel –– which is capable of controlling a single unit, or multiple units in a modular installation.

Commenting for Fulton, sales and marketing manager Carl Knight says: “The FHE-250 complements the company’s existing range of boilers and its introduction in 2012 enabled Fulton to fulfil the many requests it received for hot water solutions.”

He goes on to say that, with steam and hot water being the key to many processes in the food and drink sector – from the pasteurisation of milk, dairy and juice products to jet cooking and the cleaning of brewery kegs – the list of potential food processing applications for a Fulton boiler is almost endless.

Fulton will also be using the show to promote its range of electric boilers, including the Electropack, Europack, and Dragon. The company’s renowned J Series vertical steam boiler will also feature having, in recent years, been redesigned with fully modulating burners to improve both steam output and control to make the boilers more efficient.

For further information on the FHE-250, call Fulton on 0117 972 3322, email [Электронная почта защищена] or visit Fulton’s new-look website at www.fulton.co.uk.

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