Обзор продукта Bürkert: соленоидные клапаны

Обзор продукта: Соленоидные клапаны - BurkertSolenoid valves – Switching to make things move

Bürkert stands for quality and competence in the sector of fluid technology. Our products are used wherever fluids and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.

Bürkert has been developing and producing solenoid valves for more than 60 years. In doing so we use recognised technical principles and unique technologies with a common goal: to fulfil your requirements.

We customise our valves to fit your applications and therefore offer you the optimal solution for your needs. That is why Bürkert valves can be found in virtually every industry.

From welding robots to waterworks, from dust removal in mining operations to cabin pressure control in aircraft – everything is possible with our valves as a reliable component in your system. Whether you need a single valve, valve blocks or customised solutions, our entire product line is oriented toward ensuring controlled handling of liquids and gases.

Поэтому наши изделия разработаны в соответствии со следующими требованиями:
– High flexibility due to modular design
– Diverse choice of materials
– High reliability
– Long service life
– Low environmental impact

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