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Technotrans is returning to the Southern Manufacturing Show following huge sales success since it made its debut there last year. This time round it will offer a wider portfolio of solutions for oil lubrication application, machine tool cooling, filtration and humidity control.

Peter Benton, managing director, says: “Last year marked our debut at The Southern Manufacturing Show as we diversified from our established and continuing niche in print to wider engineering applications.

“Our mini chillers through to lubrication systems have turned heads and we have secured some prestigious work in the interim, particularly because we not only offer off the shelf solutions but have the expertise to develop bespoke solutions.

“Since last time we have secured chiller service support work for Trumpf and Index and supplied oil lubrication systems for, among others, CRH for the manufacture of BMW seats and GKN Land Systems for tractor production. Chillers have also been developed for a medical/fitness application in the UK. We value the chance to demonstrate our systems and to network at this show.”

Products on display or featured in promotions at the technotrans booth this year include:

spray.xact, a clean and accurate means of applying oil lubrication

tool.smart, for the preparation and filtration of cooling lubricants used in machine tools. The modular solution allows users to include filtration, cooling, heating, metering and/or skimming units.

theta.k, refrigeration technology for lubricants using compact immersion chiller technology. It can cool several additional variable liquid cooling circuits at the same time – for spindles, drives, control cabinets etc. This negates the need for multiple chillers and so reduces the overall footprint of the machine and its peripherals.

контроль влажности options for better production performance and a kinder operator environment.

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