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Air valve technology takes another click round!

Wilden Pump and Engineers LLC first appeared in 1955 and has since become a global leader in A.O.D.D. (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) pumping. Jim Wilden pioneered a revolution, inspired a generation of innovation and created an entire industry with the sketches of a unique but reliable, utilitarian pump, the air operated double-diaphragm mining pump.

The original pump manufactured by Jim was the M (Metal) series, a much respected A.O.D.D. pump, popular in many industries, later superseded by the T pump (Turbo-flo – an upgraded air valve designed to combat stalling and icing during runtime). Now the T is on its way out (dont worry, spare parts are of course still available!) its time for the Pro-flo X to steal the show!

The latest valve from Wilden, the Pro-Flo X, offers some major advances never seen before in A.O.D.D. air valve technology. The main advantage is the fact this valve has an air regulator built onto the top of the air valve housing, offering pump users even better operational flexibility than previously existed at the mere twist of a bolt top! Not only can the pump be fine tuned to its operating needs, the air can be controlled for each application, meaning higher performance, lower costs, and operational efficiencies that go far beyond the current industry standard!!

The valve of course also includes all the old benefits on the Wilden Pro-Flo valves:

– Groundable (fully ATEX approved)

– All metal construction (13mm – 76mm) ½” – 3″

– Superior flow rates

– Superior anti-freezing

– Lube free

– EMS (Efficiency management system)

Visit our website now at www.airpumping.co.uk/wilden to read more info on Wilden Pump and their products. You can contact us directly on (+44) 0208 470 8721 or e-mail us on [Электронная почта защищена]!

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