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Высокоэффективный электромеханический привод, описанный в новом каталоге

каталог исполнительных механизмов

SKF has published a comprehensive catalogue and user guide providing detailed descriptions and the many applications capabilities of its extensive high performance electromechanical actuator ranges.

SKF has broad experience and knowledge of actuation system technologies and their applications in the industrial, healthcare, mining, oil & gas, food & beverage and agricultural sectors. This new publication places considerable emphasis on the energy savings potential of high performance electromechanical actuation systems, from low-, medium- and heavy-duty linear actuators, to telescopic pillars and their associated control units, providing precision positioning and long service life.

SKF's linear motion technologies, including ball and roller screws, linear ball bearings, precision rail guides and profile rail guides are widely covered, plus descriptions of how these technologies have been successfully integrated into the broad range of SKF servo controlled electric cylinders to deliver thrusts of up to 500kN and speeds of 1.5m/s.

Key themes include the energy savings potential of electromechanical actuation and the advantages to be gained when electromechanical actuation is used as a viable alternative to pneumatic cylinder or hydraulic ram actuated systems. Along with the elimination of energy intensive compressed air and potentially contaminating oil in pneumatic and hydraulic applications, SKF electric cylinders offer a high degree of flexibility, positioning accuracy and variable speed, and have the benefit of programmability for seamless integration into electronic machine control systems.

Among the electric cylinders described in the catalogue is the recently launched CASM 100 electromechanical actuator which is supplied with a variety of different modules, making it exceptionally adaptable to applications such as servo presses, test benches, plastic injection moulding, dosing machinery and conveyors.

These modules connect to the CASM 100 via a standard interface enabling customers to achieve an optimum combination of performance and cost. The actuator, which consumes 80% less energy than a pneumatic alternative (50% less than hydraulic) has a maximum thrust of 82kN and linear speeds of up to 890mm/s.

The new publication also provides details of SKF’s Electric Cylinder CASM Calculator, an online actuator and accessory calculation and selection tool that provides calculations of thermal and mechanical loads and linear lifetime distances, plus recommendations for the components of a linear servo axis, based on the requirements and operating conditions described by the user.

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