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Новый интернет-магазин решений для сброса давления

Интернет-магазин Elfab

Cost-effective pressure relief solutions on industry best lead-times

Elfab Limited; market leaders in pressure relief innovation are delighted to share the news of its innovative online store, now available to both new and existing customers on a global scale. At the click of a button, customers can expect a quick and simplified ordering process.

There are various products available to buy through the Elfab Store, on industry best lead-times at low-cost prices. These include intermodal container discs, to meet the strict safety requirements of the railcar industry. Ideal for industrial containers like intermodal tanks, this disc is used to protect intermodal containers from overpressure.

Extruder rupture discs are also available to buy online for pressure protection in plastic extrusion systems, with efficient leakage control. Lastly, explosion panel configurations are available to support the needs of the bulk handling industry. Providing dust explosion protection, Elfab’s panel configurations offer reliable and efficient protection against storage and handling of grains and powders.

For customers who require specific product sizes at set burst pressures, Elfab’s new online store availability makes the overall order process a simple one.

All products listed are now available to purchase through visiting www.elfabstore.com

Elfab Limited

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