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Replacement Desiccant Dryers Save Enough Energy To Pay For Themselves In One Year

Gardner Denver distributor Aircare Compressors has helped plastics company BPI Heanor replace 10 point-of-use purged desiccant dryers with just one CompAir A488TVT Zero Purge desiccant dryer, saving enough energy to pay for itself in just one year.

Сведения о приложении
The BPI site in Heanor, Derbyshire, takes used polythene bags and recycles them into refuse sacks. It uses large amounts of compressed air in its production process, but this air has to be extremely dry as any water that condenses out under pressure can cause problems with the equipment.

Until recently the Heanor site used 10 separate point-of-use purge driers, each capable of drying between 100-165 cfm at 7 bar(g). However, Aircare engineers carried out a survey and found that they could replace these units with a single CompAir Zero Purge desiccant dryer, which was capable of meeting the site’s requirements all by itself.

Aircare Sales Engineer, Steve Flint, commented, “Due to the age and servicing requirements, all the point of use driers required media desiccant service and, the inline filtration elements required upgrading. Replacing them with a new, highly reliable machine reduced BPI’s maintenance costs considerably.

“The CompAir dryer is also much more efficient, and as the site – and its dryers – operate for 24 hours a day, 360 days a year, even a small increase in reliability and efficiency can make a real, positive impact on costs.”

Short Payback Period
Steve estimates that the project is likely to have a payback period of only one year. The new dryer was even sized so that it can accommodate extra capacity if BPI chooses to expand the site in the future.

Andrew Terry, BPI Heanor Engineering Manager, explains, “Our packaging machines require extremely dry air, so we need to treat this air using a highly reliable desiccant system.

We used to use 10 separate point-of-use dryers, but now we have one central machine that means that all of the air is dried properly throughout the site. It makes for a big increase in terms of reliability.”

The dryer was installed in October 2015 and has been running successfully ever since.

“Everything arrived on time and did exactly what it was meant to,” adds Andrew Terry. “It was pretty much a perfect project.”

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