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Осмотреть армированные стекловолокном (GRP) цистерны и сосуды во время эксплуатации

осмотр резервуара gpr

Why Inspect? Regular thorough inspection of GRP tanks and other assets is essential to prevent or predict failures. Both insurance companies and the Health & Safety Executive recommend regular inspection to ensure any degradation / corrosion does not endanger the integrity of a tank or vessel.

To achieve this utilising traditional inspection techniques requires entry into the tank to visually inspect the internal surface and, where there is a thermoplastic inner shell, carry out a spark test. To gain access for such inspections requires the tank to be drained down, thoroughly cleaned out and certified as being fit to enter. This cleaning process includes the disposal of any hazardous contents or even loss of product. The costs for preparing a tank for any internal inspection which contains hazardous contents is extremely high.

Costs can include the disposal of any hazardous liquids, any access arrangements if there is only top entry available, and cleaning the tank to ensure the atmosphere is suitable for entry. Additional costs incurred are associated with downtime as the tank has to be taken out of service, along with the requirement for specialist “confined space entry” certification.

Tank Inspections Ltd, who operates under the umbrella of Forbes Technologies Ltd, is the UK licensee for the UltraAnalytix™system of inspection of GRP laminates. The development of the UltraAnalytix™ system of inspection allows for a detailed assessment of the GRP laminate properties throughout the wall of the tank, including the condition of the corrosion barrier. It will also identify any leakage into the laminate through a thermoplastic inner shell.

All data is collected externally using highly developed ultrasonics, while the tank remains in service meaning the contents need not be drained out or the “in tank process” shut down. In many instances the costs for inspection using this system can provide a saving in excess of 50% compared to taking the tank out of service. A full report on the condition of the tank, together with a remaining life expectancy value, is issued within two to three weeks of the data collection on site.

The development of UltraAnalytix™ to monitor the degradation of GRP laminates over time allows users to make long-term predictions for the life of the tank. Tank Inspections believe UltraAnalytix™ is the solution for safe, fast and reliable GRP testing for assured performance The UltraAnalytix™ system has passed rigorous scientific testing, unlike any other method used to inspect GRP.

Over 500 customers (blind and lab) tests show the UltraAnalytix™ system performs as well as traditional destructive tests for GRP integrity analysis. Repeatable and reproducible quantitative information allows you to manage GRP assets with the same discipline /scientific approach as for metal assets.

Currently there are 2000+ assets being monitored in North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia for some of the largest food processing, mineral processing, chemical processing, and oil and gas companies in the world.

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