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Many industrial applications for dust collection require equipment able to fit in tight, compact areas, a challenge for many traditional dust control systems. With full details on analysing your dust control needs and controlling your cramped working area, Dustcheck share their views.

Assessing your dust control needs

A primary focus of dust control in cramped spaces should always be analysis of your current and future needs. Determine what are your largest contributors to dust volume as well as how many tools are used at one time. This will allow you to choose the best dust control equipment for you.

Down draught benches

With self-contained extraction technology within the bench, down draught benches are suitable for dust and fume producing applications where dust load is low. Typical applications include dressing, fettling, welding, soldering, de-burring and much more. Their compact design means that they can fit into any workshop without the need for rearranging the workspace.

Compact dust collectors

Industrial Dust Collectors are ideal for applications where a ductwork system draws product back to a centralised filter as they extract air borne contaminants to produce air quality of the highest standard. Compact dust collectors are great for small to medium air volume applications, disposing of collected product in a controlled way.

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If dust emissions can be controlled at source this will prevent egress of dust into the wider production environment. Less or no dust means housekeeping tasks can be minimised. It also means that machinery productivity won’t be impaired by being clogged up with dust.

Fitting dust control into a cramped working area will save on maintenance requirements and prevent costly breakdowns. This makes processes more productive and reduces operator intervention, thereby saving money.

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