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Edwards launches new bonus discount when purchasing a GXS dry pump

Edwards Group Limited (NASDAQ: EVAC), a leading manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products and abatement systems and a global provider of related value-added services, has launched a new promotion in which users can receive a bonus discount on a range of accessories and instruments when they buy a new GXS dry screw pump.

When customers order an Edwards’ GXS dry screw pump they can receive a bonus discount on a range of accessories and instruments, including inlet and exhaust accessories, which have been especially designed so they are sized perfectly to match the pumping capacities of the GXS range and optimise performance. Examples include foreline spool adaptors, silencers and filters.

There is also a range of control and monitoring accessories available, designed specifically for the GXS range to enable complete integration into customers’ control systems, including control and monitoring interface modules, cooling water flow sensors and purge gas flow switches.

The compact GXS dry vacuum pump features cutting-edge screw technology, enabling users to optimise their processes with a low cost of ownership and a reduced footprint. It features advanced temperature control and is robust and reliable even in harsh applications. It has a long pump service life and is virtually maintenance free for up to five years, which together with reduced gas and power consumption, make it the most economical vacuum pump for industrial applications.

“The option to buy additional accessories and instruments for a significant discount gives our customers a great opportunity to access innovative vacuum technology,” says Marinella Varallo, Edwards’ Global Market Sector Manager, Industrial market. “Customers no longer need to compromise on price or performance.”

The GXS ‘Buy smart, pump for less’ promotion is now available for a limited period.

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