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OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE - экономичный и энергосберегающий фильтр сжатого воздуха

Parker domnick hunter OIL-Xplus replacement compressed air filter elements have been proven over many years to deliver continuous high quality compressed air. Now OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE brings impressive energy savings of 49% over the original OIL-Xplus element – and a massive 54% saving over leading alternative brands.

All compressed air filter elements are designed to remove oil and water in liquid and aerosol states, atmospheric dirt and particulates. The design of the new OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE element has been upgraded to include pleated media construction and improved drainage material. Pleated media reduces the differential pressure over the element”s service life, dramatically reducing operational costs and energy usage.

This is because any restriction to air flow within a filter housing and element reduces the system”s pressure. To generate compressed air large amounts of electrical energy are consumed, so pressure losses within the system convert directly into costs of wasted energy – the higher the pressure loss, the higher the energy cost.

And the OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE benefits don”t stop there. The new replacement element brings compressed air users the lowest total cost of ownership available, reduced CO2 emissions with the lowest carbon footprint and guaranteed continuous air quality. The element is designed for simple retrofitting into original OIL-Xplus filter housings, to replace standard AO, AA and AO-TS or AA-TS grade elements and has a maximum operating temperature of 100°C.

Full details of the new OIL-Xplus ADVANTAGE range of high performance replacement elements are available from Thorite online, or from any of the company”s ten regional Sales & Service centres throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, the North East and West Midlands.

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