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Norgren, мировой лидер в области технологий пневматического движения и управления жидкостями, опубликовала новую брошюру, демонстрирующую свой уникальный подход к предоставлению «Инженерного преимущества» для своей глобальной клиентской базы в энергетическом секторе.

Featuring for the first time the company’s new brand campaign ‘You can see our thinking’, the brochure explains how Norgren delivers Engineering Advantage through a combination of high performance products, exceptional local service, and a track record of innovation and technical excellence. It also outlines how Norgren’s four key business pillars – Understand, Connect, Deliver and Improve – shape Norgren’s philosophy and influence the way it works with customers.

The concept of ‘Engineering Advantage’ was born 75 years ago with the creation of an air line lubricator by Carl Norgren to solve a specific production line issue for a major automotive company in the US. The original design sketch still exists, showing Carl Norgren’s thinking process – and it is this which has inspired the ‘You can see our thinking’ campaign.

Norgren’s product ranges include actuators, pneumatic valves, fluid control valves, high pressure regulators and air preparation products for a plethora of applications where they play a key role in reducing downtime, optimising performance and cutting energy consumption. The brochure explains how these products – combined with Norgren’s technical know-how – are bringing Engineering Advantage to major players across the globe. ,

Mark Stevens, Global Marketing Director for Norgren, explained: “The new brochure captures Norgren’s commitment to working closely with customers to understand their engineering needs. It illustrates how we then connect our people, products and expertise to help improve their business, whether through enhanced productivity and performance, greater market differentiation, or lower total cost of ownership.

“Our focus is on creating products, solutions and services tailored to our customers’ specific engineering needs. While we are a global business with manufacturing and technical centres all around the world, we have a sales and service network in 75 countries, and we are proud of our exceptional local service.”

For further information call 01543 267923 in the UK or visit www.norgren.com.

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