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New Electric Valve Actuator Range Launched


A new electric valve actuator range has been launched by SIPOS Aktorik. The SIPOS SEVEN series features a number of breakthrough innovations to enhance the flexibility and functionality of actuation technology. Pioneering advancements include large colour display, simple ‘joystick’ control and USB interface. SIPOS SEVEN products include the Ecotron, Profitron and high precision, HiMod.

Full Colour Display: SIPOS SEVEN’s large, full colour display is a first for an electric actuator. Designed to be easy to read, all essential information is visible and is configurable by the user in a variety of different languages. Simple animations provide step-by-step instructions for actuator set-up and operation, reducing the need for instruction manuals on-site.

Complete Control: A Drive Controller is also a pioneering feature enabling easy, intuitive actuator operation: controls are managed with a single, multi-functional ‘joystick’ which has no through-housing connections ensuring leak-tight operation. The Drive Controller simplifies use of the actuator in any orientation and multi-level access passwords ensure tamper free operation.

USB Interface: Another design breakthrough – process control set-up can be carried out without connection to a mains power supply using a laptop or USB battery. Set-up and spare parts management is also simplified using the USB port for cloning.

Commenting on the biggest product news for the company since the SIPOS 5 was introduced in 1999, Dr. Matthias Rebhan, SIPOS Aktorik’s General Manager said:

ГолдингWe have listened to the needs of all parties involved in valve control to produce a device that combines practicality with state-of-the-art design sophistication. Building on our reputation for German engineered, robust, practical design there are a number of new features that will attract a lot of attention from the international valve control industry.

“Designers will be impressed by versatile control capability, fieldbus compatibility, long-life and reliability. Operators will particularly appreciate the easy to use, intuitive Drive Controller. OEMs and contractors will also love the fact that, with the Drive Controller, they have complete control from outside the housing".

The product, which was showcased at the Valve World Expo, can be ordered from SIPOS from December 2014 for delivery from July 2015. The established SIPOS 5 electric actuator, and spare parts for the SIPOS 5, will continue to be available.

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