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Online Flowmeter Tool Reduces Flow Measurement Selection Uncertainty

flow online selector

ABB’s product selector assistant helps simplify flowmeter selection

ABB has developed an online flowmeter selection tool to help users to quickly and easily find the right device for their application.

Доступны на www.bit.ly/ABBflowselector, the tool provides a simple step-by-step guide to flowmeter selection and sizing, enabling users to narrow down the best solution from a wide range of available meter types and options.

The tool is easy to use, with editable information boxes and dropdown menus presented in a series of stages to help users enter and select data.

The process begins with mandatory stages asking the user to specify their process conditions including temperature and pressure and details on the medium being measured. Depending on the medium selected, the tool automatically populates with data on presumed characteristics such as density, viscosity and conductivity, each of which can be adjusted if required.

Three optional stages allow users to refine their search criteria by providing extra information on the characteristics of the medium, plus any specific details about the application and the installation conditions.

Once all this information has been entered, users are presented with a list of the recommended products based on their criteria. By selecting their preferred option from this list, users can then produce a basic configuration that can be saved and exported as a PDF, Excel or XML file and used as the basis of a specification. CAD files can also be downloaded for certain meter types.

The creation of the tool is part of ABB’s ongoing drive to help users to put in place the right measurement strategies that can transform the efficiency and performance of their processes.

”With a wide range of different flowmeters and options available, many users can become confused about which one will offer the best solution for their requirements,”

says David Bowers for ABB Measurement & Analytics.

“By using our flowmeter selection tool, the process of finding and specifying the right flowmeter for an application is greatly simplified, turning a time-consuming process into a matter of minutes.”

For more information about ABB’s flow measurement portfolio, visit www.abb.com/measurement.

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