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Book a BEKO Training Day to Increase your Measurement Knowledge

condensate management training

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES are offering training days to give people an opportunity to increase their knowledge on a variety of topics including oil-free air, measurement technology, air treatment, condensate management and up and coming new products from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offer a basic compressed air training course and an advanced course for people who already have an extensive background working with compressed air.
We have live demonstrations which provide an opportunity to test and see how our products work.

We also have our BEKOKAT catalytic converter which can be ran together with our METPOINT OCV, METPOINT OCV is the first TÜV-certified* online system for the detection of the oil vapour content in compressed air. The measuring system can be used to protect the production processes or manufactured products.

Another option is our e-learning interactive course “The Basics of Compressed Air Technology”. This innovative course is available to all customers, giving you the chance to share and benefit from BEKO’s vast experience in compressed air.

The course “Basics of Compressed Air Technology” gives an insight into compressed air from the end users point of view. It provides information about applications and their quality requirements as well as how compressed air is produced and distributed. It explains how the quality is influenced by the components and layout of a compressed air system. Throughout the whole course emphasis is placed upon the need to balance quality and energy efficiency. The course is aimed at people new to the industry or at support staff within distributors who need an overview. It is also the first step on a more detailed learning program for those who require it.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES also offer the facility for companies who wish to come in and hold their sales meeting at our offices in Bromsgrove and the BEKO team can join for part to make a small presentation on its product and solutions.

Comments from past training days include Martin Chitty from Mattei Compressors “I thought it was a well-structured, well planned and organised day, run by friendly very helpful people. The opportunity to see some of the products in use rather than looking at a screen or piece of literature makes a big difference.

The training days can be tailored to specific areas for example ‘oil free’ or in-depth training on the large dryers EVERDRY. For more information, please contact us on 01527 575778 or email [Электронная почта защищена].

Our team are always available for expert advice.

*METPOINT OCV certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with the requirements of ISO 8573-1, classes 1–4.

Контактное лицо: Рут Гудисон
BEKO Technologies Limited, 2 & 3 West Court, Buntsford Park Road, Бромсгроув, Вустершир, Англия, B60 3DX.
Тел: 01527 575778. Факс: 01527 575779.
Эл. адрес: [Электронная почта защищена]
Веб-сайт: www.beko-technologies.co.uk

BEKO Technologies Ltd

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