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June conference to mark 20 years since The PROFIBUS Group launched in the UK

The PROFIBUS Group was founded at the C&I Show in May 1993. 20 years on, theyXCHARXre still going strong and celebrating with a one-day Conference to be held on 26th June at The Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon..

The event will concentrate on the real issues of implementation, maintenance and management of PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems and will deliver a mixture of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions suitable for a wide variety of experience levels. It will cover latest developments in PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology for factory and process automation including safety, motion control, wireless implementations and integration with the Internet and MES. The event will be supported by a tabletop exhibition.

“The conference is designed for engineers, managers and indeed anyone concerned with the real issues of implementing fieldbus and/or industrial Ethernet technologies” said organiser and Group Chairman, Bob Squirrell. “We”ve invited some top speakers and some very able engineers to present the facts and demonstrate the systems, including new PROFIBUS International Chairman Karsten Schnieder who will be presenting the Keynote Address.”

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking during the event or at the (optional) Celebratory Dinner the evening before where delegates will have the opportunity to meet some of the the industry”s experts.

The Delegate rate for the Conference is just £99 + VAT (members of PI UK £90 + VAT) to include admission to all sessions and the exhibition, with refreshments and lunch provided.

On-line registration is at http://sn.im/profibusuk20th or call Registration on +44 207 193 8018, email: [Электронная почта защищена]

The Profibus Group

PROFIBUS – The Plantwide Worldwide Fieldbus – is the world’s leading vendor independent open fieldbus standard for use in manufacturing and process automation. It is standardised under IEC 61158. This guarantees stability and open-ness for users and vendors worldwide.

The UK”s PROFIBUS Group is funded entirely by UK member subscriptions. Our mission is to support UK industry in taking advantage of the opportunities for increased productivity, lowered costs and global standards afforded by embracing PROFIBUS. Membership is open to any person or company with an interest in the implementation of open standard fieldbuses.

Дополнительная информация доступна на PROFIBUS и PROFINET с www.profibus.com, Глобальный веб-сайт PI, где можно найти техническую информацию, информацию о маркетинге и продажах, а также он-лайн каталог продуктов 2500.

We are starting a new email newsletter service. To join the list, you can sign up safely at http://visitor.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?m=1102664683608&p=oi

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Запросы читателей должны быть направлены на:

Боб Сквиррелл, председатель,
Группа PROFIBUS, Suite 183, 111 Piccadilly, Манчестер, M1 2HX

Электронная почта: [Электронная почта защищена]
Телефон / голосовой почты: + 44 20 8144 9597
Факс: + 44 870 141 7378
Skype (VoIP): bobsquirrell

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