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Climate Change Summit Ideal Opportunity to Tackle Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Tanks to Collect Free Water

According to the Western Morning News, campaigners, including some farmers, are urging David Cameron to take action at next week’s climate change summit in New York, following widespread flooding and storms that have battered the Westcountry and Somerset earlier in the year. A number of charities back the campaigners, including Christian Aid, Greenpeace, the National Trust, the Women’s Institute, the Wildlife Trust, along with businesses including Ikea, and Unilever.

They are calling on David Cameron to take ‘bold action’ to protect their homes, lifestyles and environments from the effects of climate change. Farming is one such industry that may not be prepared for the changing weather, a relatively new phenomena. According to one campaigner, farmers know that flooding in winter is likely and so they build their cattle sheds on higher ground, but then they don’t then expect the sheds to flood. Flood levels in February rose to unprecedented levels.

With the unpredictable weather that we have been experiencing, a sensible action is to incorporate rainwater tanks into farming operations. By channelling rainwater from roof run-off into dedicated horizontal storage tanks and vertical storage tanks, huge volumes of free rainwater can be stored safely and used throughout the farm, from cleaning through to watering.

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