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Endress+Hauser honours inventors – 200 patents filed in 2009

celebrate the 10th annual Innovators’ Meeting

The inventors of Endress+Hauser have gathered to celebrate the 10th annual Innovators’ Meeting. The Patent Rights Incentive Awards for particularly outstanding business patents this year went to inventions in environmental technology, flow and level measurement engineering.

Meeting in festive surroundings at the ‘Burghof’ arts centre in Lörrach, over 200 inventors from the Endress+Hauser Group celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Innovators’ Meeting on March 26. “Last year we filed patents for 200 inventions – the same number as in the record year 2008. This shows us that our sponsorship programme has lost none of its impact,” said Michael Ziesemer, COO of the Endress+Hauser Group.

Highlight of the festivities was the award ceremony of the three €10,000 ‘Patent Rights Incentive Awards’ for particularly important patents, where CEO Klaus Endress and Michael Ziesemer jointly presented the certificates and the trophies.

The invention of Johann Beller and Robert Zeller of Endress+Hauser Wetzer in Germany is used in environmental protection making automatic sampling in wastewater easier and more reliable. The award in flow measurement engineering went to Dr Rainer Höcker of Endress+Hauser Flowtec in Switzerland. His invention makes vortex velocity flowmeters more accurate and less prone to malfunctions. “A specific change to the geometry of the measuring tube can generate a vortex in the medium flowing through, which makes sure that flow has less impact on the measurement,” explained Rainer Höcker.

Roland Grozinger and Klaus Ruf of Endress+Hauser Maulburg in Germany modified the sensor system of ultrasonic level measurement devices. “If you want to have reliable ultrasonic measurements, you have to take the temperature into account. Until now, the measured temperature value had to be transmitted via a separate lead,” said Roland Grozinger. “What we have managed to do is to transmit the measured temperature value and the runtime information through the same lead. This not only saves material, it also reduces the susceptibility to faults.”

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