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Plastic vs Paper; what is the Real Deal in Sustainability?

биоразлагаемые пластмассы

-European Recyclers Claim Biodegradable Plastics are Myth

Recent news circulating highlights the potential dangers and realisms of ‘biodegradable plastics.’ The story has whipped up some interesting conclusions for individuals at both ends of the retailing and packaging sectors. Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE), a European body of recyclers, recently announced via its website that “biodegradable plastic bags are a myth”. Whilst this has been refuted by certain members within the biodegradable plastics industry, the evidence certainly suggests a darker undertone to this seemingly eco-friendly solution.

Traditional plastics have long been culpable of environmental damage, composing 80% of roadside and 90% of ocean litter. However, many companies claiming their biodegradable plastics to be “green”, are, in reality, harmful to the environment; most plastics categorised as biodegradable, actually decompose into toxic or polluting materials.

Paper however, a completely renewable material, is 100% recyclable (not least of all due to the fact it is a naturally occurring material), and even better, 100% biodegradable. Easypack has always, and will always continue to, strive for the best environmental practice within our business. We only use 100% recycled paper with our cushion void fill systems, meaning that not a single new tree is ever cut down in the name of our paper products.

It is evident that there are still sizeable steps needed to ensure plastic can rival paper as a wholly biodegradable option. Ensure you have the truly eco-friendly solution in your business.

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