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Полы аккредитованы для удовлетворения выбросов ЛОС

Ecotile Flooring Ltd are delighted to announce that they have won the coveted Ü Mark accreditation which guarantees our tiles meet extremely stringent criteria regarding VOC emissions. We have worked hard with our raw material suppliers to qualify for the Ü Mark and are the only manufacturer of PVC interlocking floor tiles to do so. This latest achievement fits with the overall of ethos at Ecotile to constantly improve and innovate and gives our customers peace of mind that they are buying a safe, regulated product.

“High quality, accredited flooring products and technical support are vital components of any robust operational plan; unfortunately, important issues such as fire or slip rating certifications are often overlooked until something goes wrong. Failure to employ due diligence and good practice when selecting an appropriate flooring can result in costly replacements, lengthy delays and insurance claims being refused.

At Ecotile we continually invest in international testing, certification and approval processes in order to provide total confidence to our customers. In parallel, we frequently work with customers to resolve legacy issues that they have experienced with an inappropriate flooring system.”
James Gedye, Managing Director of Ecotile

Ecotile designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of interlocking floor tiles at its UK production facility, providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption.
Ecotile only uses raw materials that are compliant with internationally recognised and adopted standards for performance, quality and impact on the environment. Furthermore, Ecotile is the only interlocking flooring tile manufacturer that holds the full complement of quality accreditations and certifications including:

• ISO9001 Quality Standard
• ISO 14001 Environmental Standard
• CE Mark
• BFI S1 Fire Rating
• R10 Anti-Slip Rating
• BS EN 61340-5 / IEC 61340 protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomona (ESD flooring)
• REACH compliant
• Achilles Approved
• Ü Mark

Greener, Cleaner
All Ecotile floor tiles are fully recyclable at the end of their product life.

All pre- and post-installation material is recycled and we also offer a free of charge collection and recycling service for end-of-life tiles.

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