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The picoсмешивать ® is a high-shear batch mixer for dry powders.

This small volume mixer offers very fast mixing with full discharge without loss of material.

The rotating mixing element is arranged in a conical agitator vessel. As a result of the special geometry of the mixing element and the high shear speed, an intensive but homogeneous and fast blending of the powder components takes place.

After filling the powder components into the agitator vessel, the machine is then closed. Once the mixing process is complete, the vessel is removed from the machine and the mixture is emptied out.

The mixing efficiency is regulated by the rotor speed, the mixing time and the degree of filling.

Особенности включают в себя:

  • Пакетный режим
  • Process chamber can be cooled
  • Shaft sealing with rinsed shaft lip seal
  • Measuring devices for product temperature, rotor speed and motor output

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