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Product variety demands packaging variety

Greiner Packaging International

Norwegian multinational Orkla relies on the versatility of solutions offered by Greiner Packaging International.

Since 2006, Greiner Packaging International has been part of the success story of the Orkla spread, Nugatti, contributing to it a number of packaging solutions. “Our collaboration in creating Nugatti packaging solutions symbolizes our long-lasting partnership with Orkla. We are meeting the needs of the corporation’s product offerings with a wide variety of solutions in the area of packaging,” says Kenneth Boldog, Head of Division K at Greiner Packaging International.

Nugatti is the most popular chocolate spread in Norway. During the last few years, Stabburet, a company within the Orkla Group, launched a variety of other spreads on the market. As Nugatti has become more multi-faceted, so has its need for packaging solutions, which Greiner Packaging International has been responsible for further developing.

Packaging solutions for food and non-food products
The cups for the popular Nugatti spread are only one aspect of Greiner Packaging International’s cooperation with Orkla Group. The Austrian packaging manufacturer supplies this Norwegian multinational with a multitude of versatile packaging solutions for both food and non-food products; among them being ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise bottles, as well as packaging for shampoo, soap and shower gel. Greiner Packaging International creates the ‘unique packaging proposition’ through its offerings of product solutions utilizing bottles and containers. Cups and lids complement the wide range. This cooperation combines each company’s core strengths, such as: innovative force, sustainability, flexibility, and a wide array of solutions. “The diversity of Orkla products requires high standards in terms of packaging that are meth through collaboration between Orkla and our divsions K and Kavo. This allows us to produce highly versatile packaging products for Orkla at seven locations throughout six countries,” explains Boldog.

Multinational corporation focusing on the food industry

Orkla is a multinational conglomerate listed on the stock exchange – and its shares are traded on the Oslo Exchange. It is one of the oldest corporations in Norway with its roots reaching back more than 350 years having their origins in mining. Today, Orkla is involved in business areas such as consumer goods, the aluminum industry and financial sectors. The company particularly focuses on the food industry and employs approximately 30,000 people in more than 40 countries. In 2010, its annual turnover achieved 57.34 billion Norwegian crowns.

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