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Reducing business risk and improving time to market in R& D

Introducing the latest development of the innovative ManyMix machine, an essential research, development and pre-production laboratory mixer for companies wishing to control their R& D in-house and reduce time to market.

During the early stages of product development, much time and money can be spent trying to test and develop a mixing process methodology and achieve a true representation of production performance prior to upscaling and full capital investment.

The multi-purpose ManyMix replaces four machines and users can choose between the options of a laboratory scale ribbon blender, plough share, double cone blender and now a Z Blade all in one machine.

With a host of benefits including an easy clean hygienic design and the ability to prove mixing performance before upscaling/full capital investment, the ManyMix gives companies the option to conduct wide range mixing R& D in-house, resulting in reduced time to market on new developments and optimum mixing understanding for their products.

The 4-in-1 ManyMix machine offers:

  • Compact lightweight mixing chamber for ease of handling;
  • Variable speed, timers and intuitive controls for simplicity and familiarity;
  • Minimal cleaning time due to hygienic design;
  • Quick chamber changeover by design.

Grant Jamieson, Winkworth’s Managing Director, said “As mixing specialists working across many industries, we have applied our extensive application knowledge to bring the ManyMix to market. With the introduction of the Z blade, companies have even more choice of exploring characteristics achieved in mixing and it allows for a mixer type versus mixer type comparison without changing machines”.

“Customers can explore their own innovations in the privacy of their laboratories without the risk of revealing them to the outside world. Quick R& D is often very important and we know time to market pressures exist from the moment of concept right through to production. ManyMix in house can help make the difference and assist in delivery of those critical success factors.”

“We recognise not all customers need the full range of chambers so we will happily sell them individually but with standard controls. The platform for future diversity in process therefore remains, avoiding the need to invest in a whole new platform. R& D is not always predictable, so the common platform approach is smart and future proofing.”

For more information contact T: (0)1256 305600 W: www.mixer.co.uk

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