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Эффективный способ подавления и прекращения взрывов


Solutions for chemically suppressing and isolating explosions by BS&B Safety Systems feature a modular design and do away with pyrotechnic triggers. This makes installation, repair and transport easier.

Dust explosions in industrial facilities can be devastating due to the extreme rise in pressure. IPD, the system for suppressing and isolating dust explosions from BS&B Safety Systems, detects critical rises in pressure to the millibar and reacts at lightning speed.

The highly effective extinguishing agent smothers any flame in an accumulating explosion in a fraction of a second, long before the explosive pressure is unleashed. When used for isolation, the IPD system stops the explosion spreading to connected parts of the facility. This provides effective protection to people,
machinery and the environment.

Modular design means easy on-site resetting

To make sure the IPD system is ready for use again quickly after being triggered, the designers at BS&B developed a new, modular design. This allows for immediate resetting on site, reducing production downtime to a minimum. Unlike other solutions, the owner or operator can reset the system independently after triggering.

The extinguishing unit consists of an unpressurised, easily replaceable extinguishing agent cartridge and a pressurised container that’s filled with nitrogen during installation or reset. The lack of a pyrotechnic trigger means that none of the individual components or the completed system are classified as hazardous goods.

This makes both handling and spare parts logistics and management much easier. It also shortens delivery times and reduces cost of ownership, as there is no need to comply with the obligatory safety regulations for transport that apply to conventional systems.


The system can be installed in any position and is suitable for difficult spaces, such as here on a hammer mill in pharmaceuticals production.

Furthermore, the extinguishing unit requires no extra discharge nozzle for the agent. Instead, the integrated rupture disc becomes an aerodynamic outlet when activated. The design avoids the use of plumbing that can become blocked.

Alongside the extinguishing unit, the explosion suppression and isolation system features a control unit with touchpad and the patented Triplex sensor. This ensures constant, real-time monitoring of the process pressure, allowing for fast and reliable activation.

Three highly sensitive pressure sensors are arranged in a way that maximises sensitivity while avoiding activation from vibrations. In the event of a power cut, the internal battery continues operation for at least eight hours. This provides enough reaction time to establish a secure energy supply.

Protection for dusty production environments

The IPD explosion suppression and isolation systems are used in all production environments where flammable dust is created or powdered substances are stored, handled and processed. Examples include the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, as well as the production of foods, feed and engineered woods.

By responding to the incipient stage of a dust explosion, the IPD System reduces the pressure developed by the combustion event to a safe low level, as low as 0.2 bar. This is the combined result of having a low nitrogen gas pressure to disperse the extinguishing agent and the use of sodium bicarbonate as a fast heat absorbing agent.

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