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HBM объявляет о новом онлайн-руководстве по измерению деформации

руководство по измерению деформации

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the launch of its new Online Guide to Strain Measurement which contains a wealth of practical information and valuable tips from industry leading experts.

The new online portal, which looks at selection, installation, data acquisition, and analysis of electrical as well as optical strain gauges – namely those based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG) -, provides users with an easy and intuitive step-by-step guide.

Strain gauges have been around for almost 80 years and continue to be key assets for measuring fatigue and testing materials for productivity and safety reasons. However, when it comes to strain measurement, businesses and asset owners can sometimes feel intimidated due to a lack of information, or even information overload and might give up their attempts to learn more about this topic.

The effects of this could jeopardise future decisions when it comes to choosing the right measuring instrument, which could in turn, lead to potential financial implications.

Featuring easy to find dedicated sections, the new online portal from HBM provides answers to some of the most talked about questions on strain measurement. For further reference, the guide also includes a list of links to relevant webinars and case studies to illustrate potential applications.

Featuring a comprehensive format, the new portal from HBM is regularly maintained to provide users with the most up to date information possible.

HBM has been a leader in Strain Gauges for over 60 years. Its extensive range allows for an exceptionally wide range of differing strain measurement applications, from experimental stress analysis, durability testing through to transducer manufacturing.

Additionally, HBM provides all the necessary accessories and components for the installation of Strain Gauges, for maximum convenience. HBM also supports its customers with training and contract installation to ensure optimum operational usage.

Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с HBM по адресу: 44 0 20 8515 6000 или по электронной почте: [Электронная почта защищена] или посетите веб-сайт HBM по адресу www.hbm.com


HBM предлагает тестовые и измерительные продукты и услуги для широкого спектра измерительных приложений во многих отраслях промышленности

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