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Новое изображение и хост загружаемых таблиц данных для загрузки из систем LCM

LCM Systems Ltd, one of the UK’s leading designers and suppliers of load cells and instrumentation, has launched a new corporate identity and website to reflect its growing status in the global industrial marketplace. Showing a year on year growth in turnover and profitability, the company has also recently expanded its Isle of Wight headquarters by over 70% to accommodate the increase in orders and to provide additional space for ex-stock products and a new testing area.

Объясняя новый взгляд, управляющий директор Стив Сарджант говорит: “With all the changes occurring at LCM Systems in terms of growth and providing our customers with a faster and more efficient service, we felt it was time this was reflected in our corporate image. We have completely redesigned our logo to show a modern and forward-thinking company, whilst still signifying our industrial focus. This new logo will be used throughout our marketing and communication materials.”

As part of the identity overhaul, LCM Systems’ website at www.lcmsystems.com has also been redesigned and updated to enable customers to quickly and easily find the products they are most interested in. As well as including comprehensive product and application information, the new Resources area on the site provides load cell users with a valuable repository of technical material. A host of datasheets are available as free downloads, along with instruction manuals and free software for LCM’s range of datalogging and telemetry instrumentation.

За дополнительной информацией обращайтесь к Стиву Сарджанту. LCM Systems Ltd. Ньюпорт, остров Уайт. Тел: + 44 (0) 1983 249264 E-mail: [Электронная почта защищена] веб-сайт: www.lcmsystems.com

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