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Barton Fabrications has installed a new silo at Bevex manufacturing plant in Coalville, Leicestershire. Part of the global L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX Group, Bevex manufactures tubing and pythons for the drinks dispense industry.

Bevex is seeing increasing demand for its extruded tubing products, which traditionally use bags of LDPE plastic granules to feed the production process. The new 30 ton aluminium silo replaces the need for bagged feedstock, dramatically reducing manual handling requirements and improving operational efficiency.

Commenting on the silo installation, Dirk Parker, UK General Manager of L' ISOLANTE K-FLEX UK Ltd said:

“We are delighted with the new Barton silo. We used to manually handle and slit bags of polymer to fill the hoppers to maintain supplies to our tube extrusion equipment. The silo has replaced this process ensuring a continuous supply of feedstock and greatly improving our operational efficiency.

“We try to purchase as locally as possible and were very pleased to place the silo order with a UK owned company. The installation process ran smoothly and we are very happy with the service provided by Barton.”

The aluminium silo installed at the site is 10m high with a diameter of 3m and is fitted with load cells to provide an instant readout of silo contents.

For more details on Barton Fabrications’ silo solutions, contact Mark Barton:

Тел: + 44 (0) 1275 845901
Э-мейл: [Электронная почта защищена]
веб-сайт: www.bartonfabs.co.uk

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