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How temperature controlled solutions solve strain and pressure impact on honing/boring machinery

Two new cooling solutions have been devised to solve the problems caused by consistently large levels of strain and pressure on honing/boring machinery at a global manufacturing company. The company is committed to advancing sizing technology and related equipment for industrial applications.

ICS Cool Energy has supplied the cooling system to relieve the stress of honing/boring machines without compromising on capability or power for the global high precision honing system manufacturer. The manufacturer specialises in developing systems for the bore sizing industry and has a range of products used to support a variety of industries including oil & gas, hydraulics, engine building and fuel injectors.

The global boring company uses reaming machines to bore holes with precision accuracy in different products. Yet consistently large levels of strain and pressure are placed on each machine’s tool bit and therefore require a safe, cost-effective and reliable method to cool the equipment back down to a suitable temperature.

ICS Cool Energy provided two solutions to provide the company with a flexible approach that best suited its requirements. The first outlined the placement of a packaged TAEevo chiller on top of a metal holding tank filled with oil, serving as a suitable point from which the TAE unit could extract the oil through a side mounted heat exchanger before returning it cooled and ready for reuse.

The second solution involved a small skid mounted chiller featuring an oil pump and exchanger skid mounted directly to the TAEevo unit. This arrangement would see the system situated within close proximity to the hone oil tank, ensuring a practical and viable method of cooling and recirculating the liquid.

The TAEevo unit, with cooling capabilities from 1.4 to 176kW offers users high levels of efficiency without ever having to compromise on capability and outright power, ensuring a more reliable continuation of the company’s processes, whilst vastly lessening any resulting downtime.

Kevin Whyte, Director at ICS Cool Energy explains: “The flexibility of the TAE air cooled water chiller formed the foundation for both solutions to be created, offering the honing systems manufacturer two unique methods of enhancing its specialist boring processes.”

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