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Effective, Innovative Process Industry Dust Extraction

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Dust Control Systems Ltd specialises in providing dust and fume extraction solutions across many industries, including major projects in solids handling, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, vehicle manufacture, and the waste recycling sector.

Saving energy and increasing production efficiency, while ensuring a safe working environment, are key requirements of most processes and the company’s reputation has been built on its ability to provide the most suitable and cost-effective solution, whatever the project. DCS aim to improve their customers’ profitability by providing the best in current filter technology, significantly reducing energy usage with the Ecogate ® extraction optimisation system, and ensuring that expectations are met by focusing on system reliability.

The DCS commitment doesn’t end there, but extends through lifetime service programmes customised to meet customers’ specific needs. To assist companies with compliance on COSHH Regulations, DCS also offer comprehensive LEV(Local Exhaust Ventilation) testing and examination packages that include inspection and service to ensure extraction systems continue to comply with regulations.

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Dust Control Systems Ltd, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.
Tel: 0800 040 7116 E-mail: [Электронная почта защищена] or visit www.DCSlimited.co.uk

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