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FTC Диапазон анализаторов пищевой текстуры Великобритании Эксклюзивность

Those seeking accurate reliable and competitively priced Food Texture Analysers will be familiar with the FTC range. For over forty years Virginia based Food Technology Corporation has set the benchmark in analysers which help food manufacturers perfect the texture of bread, meat, dairy, cereal, fish and almost every other food product. Leeds based Spectronic Camspec has UK exclusivity for the FTC range which completes a wider portfolio it holds as one of the UK’s largest independent laboratory sales and service groups.

The technical backup at Spectronic Camspec is second to none. Earlier this year the company toured the UK with Michelle Sink of FTC, one of the leading experts in the food texture field. Mark Brereton, Managing Director of Spectronic Camspec said feedback from such initiatives was invaluable: ‘we already supply many of the UK’s leading food labs but we don‘t rest on our laurels. We continually research the market in initiatives like this so that we can provide authoritative technical support of the kind we’re renowned for’.

Спектроскопия Camspec

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