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Rotating Shaft Monitoring Specialist “Rotech Systems” Celebrates 30 Years


Initially founded in 1983 Rotech Systems manufacture and supply worldwide, high quality, high reliability equipment for monitoring and measuring the speed, position and direction of rotating shafts. With an unparalleled reputation that has continued on for decades.

Major features are tough, strong, heavy duty construction, designed to operate and give years of maintenance free operation in even the harshest industrial environments, like quarries & mines. Together with simple, quick, installation the main applications are in the bulk handling and processing industries. protecting conveyors, elevators, screws, crushers, mixers, etc. anywhere where slowing down or stoppage will cause product spillage, blockage and incur downtime, lost production, cleaning up, spoilt product and the likes.

‘Where It All Began’

Goodwin Engineering Data Sheet Circa 1976

It all began way back in 1974 under the banner of ‘Goodwin Engineering’. Owner John Goodwin and Electrical Engineer Peter Loughran started development on a new type of Rotation Sensor that was designed to be not only tough and durable, but also reliable and easy to use. Known for their use in the harshest of environments, the sensors quickly gathered interest and had the potential to become an essential part of any Plant Manager’s requirement for protecting their plant machinery.


The range of ‘Rotech’ heavy duty motion sensors and encoders combine many unique design features to give the customer what they want:-

> Simple installation

> High performance

> High reliability

> Price benefits

Rotech Systems Ltd Data Sheet Circa 1976

Garage Workshop in Bromborough

In 1983, Goodwin Engineering sadly went into receivership, and the company’s assets were sold on. Recognising the potential for the future of the Rotation sensor product, Peter purchased the rights for it, and opened up a brand new business, which he then named Rotech Systems.

Peter at Hillhead ExhibitionRotech Shaft EncoderOperating from a small workshop at his own house in Bromborough on the Wirral, Peter developed and expanded the Rotation Sensors, or ‘Rotech’s’, as they came to be known, and created a strong and varied range of sophisticated and reliable units that quickly gathered interest and became popular with a variety of well known customers, such as Tarmac, Cemex, Kelloggs, British Coal, and EDF energy.

Peter continued to develop the Rotech range of Shaft Monitoring Equipment into a range of Motion Sensors/Encoders and associated Speed Relays that offers the customers greater choice on fitting the correct Rotech to the right application.

Advertising flyer circa 1990

For the next ten years Peter, working alone, spent time producing Rotech’s, finding new customers, and advancing the Rotech brand so that it gained a positive reputation. Links were established not only in the UK, but overseas in countries like Japan, USA and Canada.The Japanese visit Rotech Systems

When 1993 came there was so much interest in the Rotech’s with the ever expanding customer base, that Peter needed help and decided to hire John Hoey (current Manufacturing Director) to help with producing the growing numbers and variety of products that were being ordered. For the next year the business continued to grow, and in 1994 Tony Madden (current Technical Director) was also brought on board. With more staff it was now possible to increase Rotech’s worldwide customer base once more, so in 1996 after travelling abroad, various Agents & Distributors were arranged in the USA, Canada & South Africa.

Unit 47 Premises circa 1997

In 1997, the business had outgrown the small Garage workshop in Bromborough, so Rotech Systems moved to a larger property at Unit 47 on the Canal Bridge Industrial Estate, in Ellesmere Port which is ironically only 2 miles from where Goodwin Engineering had been based years earlier.

Quarrying was the main focus industry the Rotech’s were used in, but they could be used in other applications like Pharmaceutical, Food, Textiles and Steel, so companies who dealt in those products began to use Rotech’s as well, expanding the market and reputation of the business.

Continuing with the sales growth over the next few years saw more big changes, including a move to a larger unit on the same estate (Unit 53 during 2002).Rotech AE2000 Series

Rotech Data Sheet Circa 2007

During this period Peter had achieved his goal and it was now time to pass the business onto someone else. After some discussion, it was agreed that John and Tony would buy the business, and continue to expand and evolve the Rotech Systems brand – following in the footsteps of Peter. The first major step in this endeavour was the need of an extra pair of hands to help with the ever increasing volume of orders that were coming in, and so a year later Mark Elliot was recruited and joined the company as Electrical & Mechanical Technician, assisting with the manufacturing, development and production of Rotech Systems products.

www.rotechsystems.co.ukIn 2009, it became apparent that to continue to develop Rotech Systems, as well as making the company as accessible as possible for potential customers, a website was needed with a easy to use but contemporary look, so Ross Hooton was invited to join the team as Website & Media Director in order to handle the building of the website, as well as updating and managing things like the advertising, product data sheets and general branding of the business.

When the website was completed it was then much easier for companies to enquire and purchase Rotech products, and the decision was made to enable UK customers to purchase those products through the website using a secure payments facility called ‘Nochex’. Also, the agents & distributors in South Africa and Australia were now growing and generating a lot of interest, so steps were taken to develop the Rotech Systems brand overseas with the setting up of an Asia/Pacific website, as well as assisting South Africa with exhibitions, branding and product data sheets.

Rotech Workshop Premises Circa 2013

In 2010, the business had once more outgrown the workshop, and so Rotech moved to a much larger HQ at Unit 57, still on the Canal Bridge estate, which is where we are still based today. With the continued growth from the South African agents it was decided that a visit would be in order, so in 2012 John travelled to South Africa where ‘Rotech Systems & Encoders’ attended the Electra Mining Exhibition in Johannesburg. This proved to be a huge success in establishing an even better relationship in developing markets within the whole of Africa.

Rotech Systems stand at the Electra Mining Show 2012

Rotech Systems and Encoders

Rotech Data sheet circa 2013

This year, 2013, will mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of Rotech Systems, a company that started off as a solution to a wide spread problem,
and one that through it’s products, reputation and reliability has expanded into a worldwide business with links to some of the leading companies in the many industries we sell to.

Rotech Systems 30 Years

Rotech Systems 30 Years

The last 30 years have seen nothing but success and expansion, at Rotech Systems, where we’re certainly looking forward to the next 30 years, all whilst continuing to deliver excellent products that have proven themselves to be reliable and effective!

The story continues…

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