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Международные эксперты спускаются на Blyth, чтобы выпускать продукты через свои шаги

Эксперты отрасли со всей Европы, Северной Америки и Азии посетили Draeger Safety UK Ltd., в Блит, Нортумберленд, для тестирования последних продуктов дыхания для использования в различных секторах, включая авиацию.

Draeger Safety UK’s Blyth plant manufactures life-saving breathing apparatus to protect people working in hazardous environments in many industries all over the world.

Дыхательное оборудование, разработанное и изготовленное в Draeger Safety UK, может использоваться в различных отраслях промышленности от авиации до фармацевтических препаратов и от тех, кто работает везде от автомобильных заводов до нефтяных вышек.

The international experts behind the airline products decided that those selling them to the international market should be familiar with exactly how they work in practice so that they can fully understand their customers’ needs and further develop products to meet them.

So, while actual aeroplane hangars, chemical storage tanks and drugs labs were obviously not available locally, the research and development team at Draeger Safety UK came up with some inventive ways of trialling their equipment at the Blyth site – using play dough and flour to emulate chemical environments, tunnels in cages to replicate a military jet wing and even having a sand castle competition to test cooling systems.

Stuart Blenkiron, Design Manager at Draeger Safety UK Ltd., said: “This event was the culmination of research into further developing a range of airline products that has seen our German colleagues talking to customers about their needs, in order to understand as much as possible about the countries and industries they will be selling to.

“The testing at Blyth gave us an opportunity to really investigate how our products work in practice, as an entire system rather than just as individual products. It also helped us to uncover any potential pitfalls and to identify strengths and weaknesses that could be significant in terms of future developments.

“The fun elements, a sort of Crystal Maze of tasks, like mixing play dough colours in the pretend drugs lab, crawling through tunnels to complete children’s puzzles and building sand castles in chemical suits, managed to keep everyone engaged too, not to mention bringing out a few competitive streaks!”

One of the participants who took part in the event was Rüdiger Weich. Based in Lübeck, Germany, Rüdiger’s role is to identify customers’ processes and product requirements as a market researcher. He said: “Getting everyone together to trial the complete system and portfolio provided us with the chance to hear useful anecdotal evidence about how it works in different countries and industry sectors. It is important to visit customers and discuss their requirements, but, having the opportunity to trial Dräger’s complete system with experts from across the world, provided important feedback for our research as well as a fun environment for improving product knowledge”.

Чтобы узнать больше о Draeger Safety UK, посетите www.draeger.com

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