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Новое соглашение о поставке планшетных прессов

Таблеточный пресс с тремя машинами

Three-machine Series Features Multi-Purpose “R&D + Scale- Up/Production” Presses, Suitable for Initial Product Development and Clinical Trials through Medium-sized Batch Manufacturing

MG America, the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy and a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment, has become a distributor in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for a line of tablet presses from Germany-based machinery manufacturer kg-pharma. The new relationship marks MG America’s first foray into the North American tablet press marketplace.

Серия из трех машин подходит как для НИОКР, так и для опытного производства, с самой высокопроизводительной прессой Futorque X-1, способной производить до 108,000 таблеток в час. Каждая машина имеет автоматическое регулирование веса по глубине наполнения и поставляется с полностью оснащенным пакетом исследований и разработок, включая специализированное программное обеспечение. Сдерживание также доступно при каждом нажатии.

The machines comprising kg-pharma’s line of tablet presses are:

  • The most compact of the three-machine series is the RoTab T 2.0, a monolayer, single-turret press specifically designed for R&D and small batch runs (50g to 50kg). The module’s mobility is ideal for research laboratories, where it can be rolled from one deployment station to the next. Window flaps with all-around sealing protect external production environment from press chamber dust, and a roller-driven damping system prevents sensitive ancillary equipment such as weighing devices from being negatively impacted.
  • kg-pharma’s popular RoTab Bilayer tablet press is among the most compact, cost-effective rotary presses of its kind. Offering both mono- and bilayer capabilities for comprehensive R&D and production functionality, the RoTab Bilayer is ideal for small to medium-sized batches typical in clinical trials. The unit’s flexible features include first layer auto-sampling and easy switches between mono- and bilayer tableting.

With the RoTab Bilayer, kg pharma’s “miniaturised production” design concept enables smooth, fully transparent scale up. Various punch formats can be used, and a complete form part change can be conducted in under 45 minutes. The RoTab Bilayer is also designed for operation with only one occupied punch station. The sampling for the first layer is possible at the push of a button during production. Anti-cross-contamination minimises a “mixing” of the layers thanks to two separated suction bars. The mobile, compact unit weighs a mere 1,300 kg.

  • At a maximum output of up to 108,000 tablets per hour, the Futorque X-1 is both the newest member of kg-pharma’s tablet press family and its most robust. The premium rotary tablet press sets new standards in the “R&D + production combination” press category, from manufacturing of clinical studies and orphan drugs all the way through to medium-sized production-level batches.

Among other technical innovations, the mono-layer Futorque X-1 tablet press features a high torque servo drive for maximum force at slow turret speed – a must-have for R&D. kg-pharma’s signature FlexAdapt system offers compatibility with standard turrets (B-18 and D-14) and popular punch formats at a pitch circle of 240mm. The company already is planning a next-generation, bilayer Futorque model for the near future.

Each of the three tablet presses from kg-pharma shows its benefits from pre-production phases and R&D stages through production itself. They are ideally suited for scale-up purposes and production optimisation, offering substantial potential savings through this versatility. Each also offers intuitive interaction via an 18½-inch HMI screen and smartphone-enabled remote operation.

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