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Быстро вычислить потенциальную экономию затрат на общую стоимость с помощью подшипников NSK

Калькулятор стоимости NSK

NSK выпустила новый калькулятор экономии затрат, который позволяет пользователям быстро рассчитать потенциальную экономию затрат на всю жизнь с помощью подшипников NSK в любом конкретном приложении. Приложение можно загружать на любые телефоны, планшеты Apple, Android или Windows или непосредственно на ваш компьютер или ноутбук. После загрузки приложение позволяет напрямую сравнивать затраты на покупку, установку, обслуживание, замену, простои и т. Д. Между вашим существующим решением подшипников и подшипником NSK.

As Operations Managers are coming under increased pressures to reduce costs in order to drive up margin, it’s becoming ever more important to be able to quickly calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of components prior to specification. However this can often be a challenge as there are many variables to consider during the component’s life.

Specifying the most cost effective bearing solution, for example, isn’t straight forward. Direct comparison between initial unit purchase prices may be easy, but very often the cheapest bearing will also be the one which takes longest to install, requires additional maintenance and fails prematurely leading to downtime and additional replacement costs. Due to the relative low price per unit of bearings some people might think it’s not worth the hassle, but as NSK European Key Account Manager, Tim Cains, explains, this could be an expensive mistake.

“Bearings play a vital role in any application and a failure will almost certainly result in downtime at the very least, though it can also cause damage to other components which may be far more expensive. By specifying bearings which will operate reliably for as long as possible, maintenance and repair work can be minimised, as can unplanned downtime. We have many Success Story examples where we have saved customers many hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, simply by recommending and installing suitable bearings.”

The Cost Saving Calculator App is part of the full NSK program designed to optimise manufacturer efficiency and provide key skills for engineers. This is known as NSK’s Added Value Programme, AIP. This is a way to ensure that the technical expertise of NSK is married with customers’ industry knowledge to solve key problems in order to improve performance, increase reliability and ultimately enhance profitability.

The new App has been released to download from Apple’s App Store, Google Play and direct from the NSK Europe website. By simply entering data into a few specified fields, the user is able to quickly compare the costs of their existing bearing solution with an NSK solution; this can then be saved to the App or emailed to any chosen recipient. All of NSK’s sales engineers are trained to use the App and can assist in generating a cost saving calculation.
Хелена Мешам, менеджер по работе с клиентами

Тел: 0500 2327464 Факс:
веб-сайт: www.nskeurope.com
Электронная почта: [Электронная почта защищена]
Адрес: NSK UK Ltd, Северная дорога, Ньюарк, Ноттингемшир, NG24 2JF, Великобритания


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